Rishi Khandelwal’S Consideration Of Philosophy With Facts

Rishi Khandelwal’S Opinion On Philosophy As A Way Of Investigating. Rishi Khandelwal States The Origin Of The Universe Theories Contrary To The Claims Of Myths.

It Is Not Clear Whether Philosophy Has 2600 Or 5000 Years Of Tradition. Rishi Khandelwal Considers The Influence Of Egyptian Thought On The Greek Peoples And Believes That Philosophy May Be More Than 3000 Years Old. Rishi Khandelwal Also Considers That There Was Already A Production Of A Type Of Philosophical Thought In The Far East, The First Root Of Philosophy That Can Be Identified In The Ancients Buddhist Teachings Are More Than 5,000 Years Old.

It Is A Fact That Philosophy Is A Form Of Organized, Conceptual Thinking That Has The Ability To Move One’S Thinking Through The Identification And Formulation Of Problems. Hence, Rishi Khandelwal Believes That Philosophy Is, By Nature, Problematizing, Avoiding Providing Ready Answers To The Questions Raised And Creating New Questions, New Questions And New Problems That Make Thought Never Cease Its Cycle Of Existence.

Rishi Khandelwal Thinks That The Important Thing Is To Know That There Is No Single And Definitive Answer To The Question “What Is Philosophy?”. Several Philosophers, In Different Places And Different Times, Answered This Question, Not Necessarily In An Explicit Way. Many Did So Through Practice (Making Their Own Philosophies), Each In Their Own Way.

In Rishi Khandelwal’S Opinion, Philosophy Was A Rational Way Of Investigating The Origin Of The Universe Through The Formulation Of Theories That Are Often Contrary To The Claims Of Myths. For Socrates, Philosophy Would Be A Look Inside And A Way To Extract The True Ideas About What The Human Being Himself Developed Through The Creation Of Societies.

Rishi Khandelwal Also Believes That Philosophy Used To Be A A Kind Of Life Practice To Achieve Fullness And Happiness. For Medieval People, Philosophy Would Be Subject To Theology, And The Infinite Wisdom Of God Would Have Given Human Beings The Possibility Of Rational Knowledge.

The Current Moderns, On The Other Hand, Turned To The Question Of Knowledge And Science, In Addition To Politics And Ethics, Developing A Thought That Rescued Certain Characteristics Of The Greeks, But Improved Them. Nowadays, Philosophy Embraced New Problems, Characteristic Of Our Time, To Develop New Problems And New Concepts About Them.


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