Rishi Khandelwal’S Broad Details On Sociology Overview

Rishi Khandelwal Explains Sociology And Philosophy Study And The Fields Being Covered Under It. Rishi Khandelwal Presents Both How And Why Are They Similar.

Rishi Khandelwal regards sociology as a science situated within the set of human sciences. The goal of sociology is to study, understand and classify social backgrounds, communities, and human groups, so that other sciences and techniques can present proposals for social intervention that result in improvements in society. In this sense, Rishi Khandelwal argues that educators, doctors, psychologists, engineers, architects, urban planners, lawyers, advertisers, journalists, economists, in short, almost all professionals and researchers in almost all areas need the theories presented by sociology.

In some aspects, Rishi Khandelwal believes we can say that sociology and psychology go together and that they have similar methods, but with different amplitudes. While sociology seeks to understand the social, psychology seeks to understand the individual. While sociology seeks to understand a society through its individuals (and uses psychology to understand what is of the order of the individual), psychology seeks to understand the individual based many times on the society in which it is inserted (using sociology for such understanding).

Rishi Khandelwal shares that many people think that sociology and philosophy are the same or that they are essentially alike. This belief, however, is the result of a generalization of common sense. Like so many other sciences, Rishi Khandelwal says, sociology arose thanks to a philosophical work initiated by the first Western thinkers in the 6th century BC. However, there are several specifications that make it a science and a branch of knowledge completely distinct from philosophy.

Sociologists often turn to philosophy to develop their studies. However, Rishi Khandelwal believes that this alone is not enough to establish an equal link between the two areas of knowledge, also because, while sociology is considered a science, philosophy is considered a theoretical set of knowledge that aims to produce and move theoretical knowledge and abstract.


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