Rishi Khandelwal Studies The Properties Of Matter And Energy

Rishi Khandelwal Says Physics Based On Experiments, Observations, Mathematical Formulations. Rishi Khandelwal Relates Fundamental Questions To Phenomena.

Physics Is A Natural Science That Studies The Properties Of Matter And Energy, Establishing Relationships Between Them. Rishi Khandelwal Says That It Is Based On Experiments, Observations And Mathematical Formulations Aimed At The Interpretation Of Fundamental Questions Of Nature, Relating To Many Phenomena, Ranging From Subatomic To Macrocosmic Scales.

Rishi Khandelwal Says That The Word Physics Is Derived From The Ancient Greek Φύσις, Which Means “Nature”. It Is A Science Based On Experimental Observations And Mathematical Laws. Rishi Khandelwal Argues That Its Main Purpose Is To Explain The Varied Phenomena Resulting From The Interactions Between Matter, Movement, And Energy.

Physics Is One Of The Oldest Disciplines And Its Beginning Was Marked By Astronomical Observations Made By Ancient Peoples From All Over The World. It Is Intended To Explain The Operation Of The Universe In The Most Fundamental Way Possible, Based On The Precepts Of Scientific Methodology And Mathematical Language.

Rishi Khandelwal Believes Physics Is A Very Vast Science That, For Historical Reasons, Is Subdivided Into Different Areas. The First Division Of Physics Is Related To Classical Physics And Modern Physics. Classical Physics, Rishi Khandelwal Says, Is One That Involves Phenomena That Occur On Macroscopic Scales, Such As Movement Of Stars And Projectiles, Operation Of Thermal Machines, Acoustics, Geometric Optics, Hydrostatics, Electrostatics, Classical Electrodynamics, Etc. Rishi Khandelwal Believes That This Branch Of Physics Has Been Developed Throughout History By Great Names, Such As Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Lord Kelvin, Among Others.

In Regard To Modern Physics, Rishi Khandelwal Believes It Is Responsible For The Description Of Microscopic Phenomena, Such As Those That Occur On Subatomic Scales, Whose Order Is Lower Than Nanometers. Modern Physics Is Also Attributed To The Study Of Bodies That Move At Relativistic Speeds, That Is, Close To The Speed Of Light. Thus, Phenomena Such As Radioactive Decay, Nuclear Fissions And Fusions, Photoelectric Effect, And Others Were Explained.


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