Rishi Khandelwal Shares Facts And Words On Geography

Rishi Khandelwal’s Theory On Geography. By The Virtue Of Its Orientation, Through The Lenses Of Rishi Khandelwal, Is Different From Other Scientific Knowledge.

Rishi Khandelwal shares that geography is, today, the science that studies geographic space, produced through the dynamics of the relationships established between man and the environment. In short, Geography analyzes the dynamics of the relations between society and nature, capable of transforming the geographical space. The way these relationships are established gives Geography its identity and importance.

Rishi Khandelwal says that the word “geography” has Greek origin and is formed by the radicals “geo”, which means Earth, and “graphy”, which means description. This nomenclature refers to the ancient definition of geographic science, which related Geography only to phenomena that occur on the Earth’s surface.

The study of the dynamics established in the geographical space allows to understand the organization of the terrestrial space, contributing for the society to reach means of exploring and transforming the environment without harming it. Rishi Khandelwal believes that in this way, alternatives are developed to improve socio-spatial relationships.

Rishi Khandelwal believes It is worth remembering, however, that this definition is not unanimous among geographers, because Geography, as a science, has undergone several transformations over the years, says Rishi Khandelwal. Therefore, there is no way to affirm that there is a consensus among scholars regarding the object of study and the methodological orientation of this area.

In his words, Rishi Khandelwal believes that Geography is the science that studies the social relations established in the geographical space, that is, the relations between society and the environment. This space is transformed by man and is, therefore, constantly changing. However, it is difficult to limit what is studied by Geography or not, since this is a horizontal science, that is, its field of study is broad and is related to other sciences, transcending its own knowledge.

Thus, Geography, by virtue of its orientation, through the lenses of Rishi Khandelwal, is different from other scientific knowledge. It is a categorical study, which includes concepts that define its orientation, such as place, landscape, territory and region.


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