Rishi Khandelwal Guiding To Travel In Australia For International Tourists

Australia is a great lifestyle destination and thousands of tourists come each year to enjoy its beaches, culture and natural beauty of the likes of Great Barrier Reef. We know its Corona and borders are closed. Most tourists may not be allowed to enter at least until some point in 2021. However, if you are planning or do get an opportunity – Rishi Khandelwal has some tips for you to make your journey more pleasant and enjoyable. In this article he covers and shares his insights on 3 major aspects of travelling namely accommodation, food and transportation.

First of all, accommodation can be expensive in the typical 4 or 5 star hotels in major cities. If you are budget conscious consider AirBNB or motels in the outskirts to save you bucks. Real estate in and around the CBD of major cities is expensive plus the high labour costs, therefore these costs are passed on to you as the traveler. It could be $175-200 per night. What is less known to many people and might surprise that there are house sit opportunities, where people may allow you to stay at their place for free or at reduced costs, provided you are able to look after their place or lets say their pets. Rishi Khandelwal states that these opportunities are rare and hard to come by so go through local listings such as Gumtree and Facebook pages.

Now that boarding is sorted, let’s look at food. Once again if you have a few days or more trip, everyday fine dining will hurt your pocket. But the real problem is with people having special dietary needs. If you are a vegetarian or vegan or lets say you require food with no onion or garlic, then there will not be much for you. You could still survive in major cities but if you are travelling in the country areas places to eat are far and few in general and most likely you will not be able to cater to your requirements. What is the solution? Sounds obvious yet many travelers ignore this get an accommodation place with a kitchen or what is known as kitchenette (mini kitchen). This will allow you to prepare some meals to your taste and needs, as long as you have a supermarket accessible.

Finally getting in and around your locations. If you are in metropolitan area of Sydney or Melbourne, parking can be tricky and really expensive. If you have taken a rental car, you can leave it in your hotel and walk short distances or use public transport, Ubers or Taxis. But if you want to travel distances in excess of 50 km, in and around regional areas and have family rental care is the most convenient and cheap option. While hiring a local car, you must be aware of the basic driving and parking rules to be obeyed in this country. If you have never driven in a foreign country or are not confident, Rishi Khandelwal highly recommends doing your research by going through travel blogs, videos etc as to what to expect while driving in a foreign country. There are other options to travel between long distances such as coaches or domestic flights – so if you don’t have many drivers to share the journey fatigue will kick in so it is highly advisable to take domestic flights or buses. There are not many trains operating in Australia over long distances.

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